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Everyday Getaways only at Oasis Spa Chiang Mai

Everyday Getaways only at Oasis Spa Chiang Mai

Take a vacay on every day with Oasis Spa Chiang Mai
Take time for yourself relax and unwind with us, the benefits are huge.
Experience our Luxury Day Spa at a BETTER RATE!

Organic Coconut Oil Massage 60 minutes:
Full body relaxation with an Organic Coconut Hot Oil Massage. Unlocks tense muscles, improves circulation and moisturizes sensitive dry skin while the fresh coconut scent works to alleviates stress and anxiety.
>> Only 699 THB (normal price 1,942 THB)

Organic Coconut Butter Body Scrub 60 minutes:
This rich natural scrub was specially formulated to nourish and refresh very dry skin. Dead skin cells are removed, pores shrink and the skin is moisturized. Your newer and brighter skin emerges after a scrub with this fusion of a soft-texture of natural Thai Coconut, Loofah, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Witch Hazel.
>> Only 899 THB (normal price 1,765 THB)

Lanna Secret Package 120 minutes:
During this 120-minute therapy, ancient time-honored Lanna massage techniques reopen blocked energy pathways. Relief begins during a Traditional Thai Massage followed by soothing Thai Herbal Hot Compresses. Finally, an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage brings relaxation and balances the body, mind and soul.
>> Only 1,599 THB (normal price 3,178 THB)

Come away…relax…and indulge yourself Only at Oasis Spa Chiang Mai

Organic Coconut Butter Scrub
Organic Coconut Hot Oil Massage
Lanna Secrets CNX