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Happy Mom Postpartum Program

Happy Mom Postpartum Program

At Oasis Spa, we have a special post-childbirth spa program for new mothers that provides special pampering and implements the principles of Thai traditional postpartum confinement. It aims to help new mothers regain energy after giving birth and aids them in returning to their pre-pregnant selves. These combined treatments are perfect for helping to restore and revivify overall health and promote the well-being of women after childbirth. The holistic care treatments are performed by trained postpartum therapists. New mothers can choose from the following therapeutic 5- or 7-day programs; you can buy as an eGift and give it to yourself, or  give to a new mom, it will be very much appreciated.
• Just for Mom 5-day program Special 8,888.- Baht from 15,000.- Baht
• After Birthing Rest and Relax 7-day program Special 9,999.- Baht from 18,000.- Baht