The philosophy of Oasis Spa 

Oasis Concept

Creating “an oasis in the middle of the city” is the concept for all of the Oasis Spa branches throughout Thailand. Each location has a unique theme and character which is enhanced by distinctive contemporary Thai design. In addition, every effort is made to maintain harmony with the environmental and cultural ambience of the surrounding neighborhood while giving each guest an exceptional spa experience.

“Natural” Inspiration

Most of Oasis Spa’s treatments utilize a fusion of traditional Thai herbs and other natural ingredients. The massage oils and aromatherapy essential oils are derived from time-proven oriental healing remedies which enhance the body, mind and spirit. Our herbs and hot compresses are supplied by local villages in the Chiang Mai area that specialize in Thai herbal medicine. Even our uniforms are woven from local silk. All oils and solutions used for treatments are “natural” except for professional facial products which are imported.