Brand profile of Oasis Spa Thailand

Brand Profile

OASIS SPA began as a dream shared by two forward-thinking individuals, Toby Allen and Pakin Ployphicha: “We both enjoyed going to spas and relaxing with massages and we had the feeling that there could be a niche in the market for a luxury spa experience that offered quality service and good value for the money.” Their concept included bringing the luxury spa experience into the center of the city. The result was casual elegance combined with a uniquely personal spa experience.

The Beginning

In August of 2003, Pakin and Toby combined their special skills and talents and Oasis Spa burst upon the scene in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Over the next decade they revolutionized the Thai Day Spa industry. To provide an “above and beyond” day spa experience, they blended the most effective ancient Thai treatments, oils and herbs with cutting-edge massage techniques and the professional pampering of highly trained therapists. The result was unsurpassed personal service combined with casual elegance for a uniquely personal spa experience.

The Growth

Oasis Spa rapidly in four destinations within Thailand: Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. Through the years, the Oasis Spa brand, featuring the ancient wisdom of the Lanna Kingdom, grew, expanded and evolved into one of Thailand’s most highly regarded day spas. It has received numerous awards and accolades such as the Award for Excellence in the Day Spa category from the Thailand Tourism Authority, Day Spa of the Year from AsiaSpa magazine, and many others. Oasis is pleased to be continually recognized for its leadership in the spa industry.

#Oasis Spa Loves You

In 2015, Oasis Spa announced a new commitment to excellence with “Oasis Spa Loves You,” providing unparalleled guest experiences and raising the company culture to an even higher standard. This practice of being compassionate, kind and loving to its customers, employees, vendors and suppliers has been implemented throughout all twelve branches. Oasis Spa promises to deliver service that exceeds expectations. Oasis Spa provides not only customers and employees opportunities to make their lives and work fulfilling but it also contributes to the local community through environmental preservation, ethical practices, support of small enterprises and other social contributions.