The Voyage of Golden Lanna

01:30  Hour  / 5,900 ++ Baht
On this journey to extreme wellbeing, Music Therapy is combined with massage to guide your body to new levels of delight. The amazing musical masterpiece was developed exclusively to enhance each phase of the massage experience. Four hands dance over your body for 90 minutes while covering you with fragrant oil infused with flakes of pure gold to make you feel golden inside and out.

Siamese Therapeutic Wisdom

02:30  Hour  / 4,600 ++ Baht
This treatment used for thousands of years has been combined with contemporary knowledge to promote relaxation and wellness. It uses deep stretching, rubbing and kneading to stimulate acupressure points to balance the body and allow its life force to flow freely. Thai herbal massage balm and Thai Herbal Hot Compresses are applied during the treatment to enhance its effectiveness. The result is a new vitality, improved circulation and stress relief.

King of Oasis

02:00  Hour  / 3,900 ++ Baht
You will feel majestic by the end of this two-hour massage that is fit for a king. This stress-buster treatment combines Thai massage techniques with Aromatherapy massage. It begins with a Thai Herbal Hot Compress placed along the strong muscle lines. Then a Hot Oil Massage stretches the muscles to reopen the body’s energy pathways, enhance circulation, increase energy levels and promote overall health and wellbeing.

Queen of Oasis

02:00  Hour  / 3,900 ++ Baht
Hot Stone, Swedish and Aromatherapy massages are combined in this two-hour therapy to make a woman feel like a queen. The ancient oriental massage focusing on the Meridian Lines improves the body’s functions and promotes self-healing. Swedish and Aromatherapy massages further restore and enhance vitality and the heat of the Hot Stone therapy relaxes deep muscle layers for a more effective massage and realignment of life-energy.

Tok Sen

01:30  Hour  / 2,900 ++ Baht
You haven’t experienced everything Thai massage has to offer until you try Tok Sen. Tok means “tapping” and Sen refers to the Meridian Lines. Deep vibrations produced by tapping wooden instruments along the meridian lines are transforming. When combined with stretching, Thai herbal balm, and aromatherapy techniques, you experience relaxation and amazing therapeutic benefits.

Oasis Four Hands

01:00  Hour  / 2,500 ++ Baht
This treatment uses the synergy created when two people and four hands work together. Imagine duet therapists working in harmony massaging fragrant oil all over your body in blissful, synchronized waves. At times, during this multi-hand massage, therapists intertwine their hands to produce rubbing motions that cause the body to resonate with multiple sensations. This treatment produces more than double results, in fact, there is nothing like it!

Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage 1 Hr.

01:00  Hour  / 1,350 ++ Baht
This treatment perfectly combines the three most effective spa therapies: Swedish massage, Thai massage and Aromatherapy. The kneading and rubbing of Swedish massage brings relaxation and healing; pressure-point therapy of the Thai massage stimulates the acupressure points along energy lines which can deplete muscular stress and dissolve blockages. Aromatic therapy can help to fight depression, relieve aches, manage pain, improve blood pressure, and much more.