3 hrs Spa Journey with Your Loved One Today

3 hrs Spa Journey with Your Loved One Today

Immerse yourselves in a serene spa experience at Oasis Spa, where every moment is a shared treasure. For a limited time, we invite you and your cherished companion to indulge in a luxurious 3-hour spa journey, all for an exclusive price of just 9,999 THB.

Choose from packages below:

SPIRIT OF LANNA - 3-Hour Revitalizing Retreat
Begin with a rejuvenating body scrub or a Royal Thai facial, awakening your skin's natural glow. Experience the soothing embrace of a Thai herbal compress and a warm oil massage that will ease muscle tension, enhance energy flow, and transport you both to a state of peaceful bliss.

ORIENTAL BALANCE - 3-Hour Journey to Harmony
Choose a bespoke body scrub or Royal Thai facial that caters to your skin's unique needs. Then, let the ancient wisdom of oriental massage rejuvenate your body, improve organ functionality, and facilitate natural detoxification, leading to deep, restorative healing.

AYURVEDIC EXPERIENCE - 3-Hour Soothing Retreat
Engage your senses with an exfoliating body scrub or Royal Thai facial, followed by a gentle drop of warm essential oils over your forehead, inducing a meditative calm. An Ayurvedic massage with warm herbal oils will then envelop you in warmth, easing both body and mind into a state of profound relaxation.