Your Skin's Own Decadent Drink at Oasis Spa - GET 2 for FREE

Your Skin's Own Decadent Drink at Oasis Spa - GET 2 for FREE

Step into the aroma realm of Oasis Spa, where we've partnered with Café de Oasis to transform the magical essence of Thai tea into a unique body scrub experience. Opt for our "King of Oasis" or "Queen of Oasis" signature massages and unlock an extra hour of our exclusive Thai Tea Latté Body Scrub adventure — and the best part? It's complimentary!
Plus, as a special gift! you'll receive a free 'Thai Tea Latté ' from Café de Oasis @Chiang Mai, allowing you to savor the authentic flavor of this local treasure. elevating your indulgence to the next level.
This special collaboration features the Thai Tea Latté Body Scrub, a journey that heals both mind and body, offering a feast for the skin with unparalleled sweet nourishment.
Imagine the rich aroma of Thai tea, as authentic as savoring the iconic beverage in the beautiful garden Café of Chiangmai, now brought to you by Café de Oasis.
Let every cell in your body be steeped in this aromatic care, as you and Oasis Spa, together with Café de Oasis, savor the unique charm of Thai Tea Latté , making your spa experience a truly holistic journey of taste, aroma, and rejuvenation.